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Keep your events, parties, and yourself safe when you hire some bodyguards to be there for you. Worldwide Protection is a security service provider that’s been around in Farmington Hills, MI serving commercial and residential clients that need our services. We have a highly trained security guard team, committed to guaranteeing your safety and privacy. With our much-needed workforce, you can ensure that trespassers won’t be welcome nor the paparazzi.

Security Service

Security Service

Let A Security Guard Can Ensure Your Safety

We don’t just deploy a security guard without the necessary training. Our commitment to quality ensures that our subject or the venue we are assigned to will be protected during the hours of the event. With our certification, insurance, and bond, we guarantee a peaceful and safe practice for both client and employee. As we value both, we guarantee our guards will protect your privacy. And that is why if you have an executive, celebrity, or anyone important coming over, or simply want to protect the kids in your school from any lockdowns, save them from its trauma by assigning security.

Why wait for the aftermath of a worst-case scenario instead of preventing it? With Worldwide Protection and our security service, you can guarantee your safety today in Farmington Hills, MI. Call us at (231) 210-2096 now.

Services List

  • Security Guard Service
  • Personal Security
  • School Security Guard Service
  • Virtual Security Guard Service
  • Special Event Security Guard Service
  • Personal Security Guard Service
  • Executive Security Guard Service
  • Commercial Security Guard
  • Residential Security Guard
  • Patrolling Service
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